High resolution landscape photographs for sale

Up to now you have the option to choose from thirteen for sale galleries - each of them offering selected high resolution landscape photographs. Further for sale galleries are already work in progress - dealing with additional mountainous landscape footage as well as long time exposure shots. Already existing galleries will be continously extended in the course of time.

The majority of the photographs for sale will be part of subsequent genre: landscape-, panorama-, drone-, log time exposure- as well as black and white photography.

Additionally to the already existent digital download option in the webstore, Videografic is now offering high quality prints with immediate effect. Further details can be found in the services overview.

Background information on used photographic equipment (camera bodies, lenses, ...), special accessories for panorama photography as well as basic meta data like exposure settings and pixel resolution of the photographs are available for your interest in the different galleries themselves - mostly in the large images presentation modes in the photograph's caption. Photographs are all shot with modern 20-50 megapixel cameras. These resolutions will very comfortably print all the way up to DIN A3 - DIN A1 at a very high level of photographic quality. Panoramic photographs that have been stitched together from several individual images will allow even larger prints. In those cases a corresponding information is included in the caption of each photograph.


last update: 2022, November 5th