In most cases Customers are asking for prints in sizes of DIN A2, DIN A1 and 24″ x 36″ formats. The latter to print large formats in the original aspect ratio of most digital cameras without any crop. Further individual print formats (DIN A3, customer specific panoramic aspect ratios, individual canvas sizes and banners) are also possible. Please contact Videografic upfront to discuss your special needs. The maximum short edged size is 24 zoll.

Pricelist is valid from 01st of September 2021 – pricing errors are reserved.

Media TypeFinishSizePrice
Pro Premium MatteMatte24" x 36"26.99 €
Pro Premium MatteMatteDIN A124.99 €
Pro Premium MatteMatteDIN A218.99 €
Pro LusterLustre24" x 36"30.99 €
Pro LusterLustreDIN A128.99 €
Pro LusterLustreDIN A222.99 €
Pro PlatinumGloss24" x 36"32.99 €
Pro PlatinumGlossDIN A130.99 €
Pro PlatinumGlossDIN A224.99 €
Backlit FilmMatte24" x 36"28.99 €
Backlit FilmMatteDIN A126.99 €
Self Adhesive Matte Vinyl Matte24" x 36"27.99 €
Self Adhesive Matte Vinyl MatteDIN A125.99 €
Standard CanvasMatte20" x 24"21.99 €
Water Resistant High End CanvasMatte20" x 24"25.99 €
Premium Silver RAGGloss24" x 36"33.99 €
Premium Silver RAGGlossDIN A131.99 €
Premium Silver RAGGloss17" x 22"25.99 €

Further media types will be added shortly.

Additional Order Information:

  • Chosen Photograph from Videografic’s webstore is included with no extra charge! Saving of 5.99 €! 
  • Delivery is free of charge for orders over 84.99 €
  • 5% discount for orders over 99.99 €