Photographic Workflow

Additionally to the digital download option Videografic is offering high quality prints. When reaching for the highest level of photographic artistry among other influencing factors like used photographic equipment the applied photographic workflow as well as the used Printer Hardware and Media Types are of central importance.

To deliver high quality products Videografic takes care to ensure a consistent production workflow regarding used color spaces, hardware monitor / printer calibration and color management in terms of proven ICC profiles for each media type. In the process of retouching, awareness of best suitable rendering intents and soft proofing is paid attention to continously.

Printer Hardware:

Videografic is printing on different Canon imagePROGRAF PRO large format professional printers ensuring superior image quality. The imagePROGRAF PRO-series printer are brand new 12-ink system professional photo printer with LUCIA PRO pigment inks for exceptional color reproduction and longevity. Photographs will be faithfully reproduced in print. A wide dynamic range of colors and detail in darker areas will help capture all the subtleties of the photographs. The Chroma Optimizer ink helps achieve uniform glossiness when printing on glossy paper. By being applied over the printed image to cover the bumps between the ink droplets, Chroma Optimizer regulates the surface reflection to deliver natural color reproduction in the finished print. This creates images with deep black density and prevents unwanted bronzing (scratch resistant).

The imagePROGRAF PRO-series is delivering prints with a wide color gamut, excellent color expression, superior dark area reproduction, low graininess and good gloss characteristics. Where high levels of image accuracy and color consistency are demanded, such as printing fine art gallery-quality prints where strict color management is required, the imagePROGRAF PRO-series offers the very best printing solution – satisfying even the most critical of eyes.

All offered media types from gloss, lustre, matte, fine art papers and canvas to choose from in the webstore are perfectly compatible with imagePROGRAF PRO-series printer.

Media Types:

You can choose between quite a few different sizes and paper options. Videografic will constantly add further high quality premium paper options to the offered range of products in the next few months. Media types – comprising gloss-, lustre-, matte- and fine art papers as well as Backlit Film, Adhesive Vinyl, Banner Vinyl and different canvases – are available in common roll and sheet sizes for medium and wide format printing. An Overwiew of selectable paper options to facilitate each other’s decision-making in this regard can be found here.

All paper options offered meet high quality expectations with regard to both fine art photographic printing (color as well as black and white prints) and gallery exhibitions. Designed to produce rich-color reproduction and detailed expression of gradation these papers will enable to take the photographs to the next level.

A first indication as far as future services are concerned: mounting & framing options will additionally be offered shortly.