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Blockbuster Trailer Gallery 14

New for Sale Gallery No 14 will be released in february 2023. Most likely this new gallery will start with over 400 beautiful landscape shots – updated in the future on a frequently basis. Content is dealing solely with summit crosses. Not the only one but quite likely an important goal of all mountaineering activities […]

This christmas season – 25% discount!

Huge discount on all products in the webstore* (digital downloads & prints). 25% off with discount code XMAS-25. In case you are looking for some beautiful Christmas gifts – maybe you find something special for your loved ones in Videografic’s webstore. Discount code is valid with immediately effect until end of year. To guarantee timely […]

Updates in the majestic lakes Portfolio

120 additional beautiful shots have just been uploaded in the web store and are immediately available for download & print. They can be found in the majestic lakes Portfolio in the galleries of lake Königssee, lake Tegernsee, lake Walchsee and lake Kochelsee. Most of them have been taken on countless hiking trips in these mountain […]


New Gallery with tentative release date early 2023 dealing with nothing but Summit Crosses in the alpine upland. Countless hiking trips to approximately 200 summits captured in high quality photographs. Stay tuned …

updated Wall Calendar 2023

The wall calendars (2023 Editions) are commercially available for purchase with immediate effect in different sizes. All used photographs in these calendars are hand selected and perfectly matching to the respective season of the year. Purchase is possible via booktrade and other platforms like Amazon and so on. You can also drop Videografic an email […]

Haidachstellwand via ferrata

Adrenaline on the overhang, tired arms in the wall, on duel with the rock, the tension of the body, the concentration of the mind, the silence of the mountains only interrupted by the wind. And in particular: as a result of a mountaineering accident early this year finally for the first time again the ringing […]

Anniversary Hikingtrip – No. 200!

200th hiking trip since I started to document all mountainous adventures starting in 2019. Matching to this special event perfect weather conditions for getting amazing shots in this beautiful landscape location. Awesome far distance view just before reaching Geigelstein summit in the Chiemgauer Alps close to Sachrang. Deep Gratitude for being able to experience all […]

2 brandnew wall calendars are in the pipeline for 2023

Additionally to the new 2023 editions of the already published wall calendars in the last years – a separate information will be coming soon – 2 new themes are now covered by the new ones. One is dealing with Landscape Photography of Gorges, Canyons and Waterfalls, the other focuses on the mountain paradise of Garmisch with […]