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Next evolution of aerial photography

We are now flying Inspire – it is a game changer with uncompromising image quality for nature filmmaking. DJI Inspire 3’s full-frame camera is capable of capturing 8K raw footage, meaning there’s no compromise being made on image quality. The Inspire 3 pushes the boundaries of what most drones are capable of. On top of […]

New Galleries No. 15 & 16 shortly to be released

2 new galleries in the webstore will be available in April. Gallery No. 15 – Piers & Jetties – on the one hand and Gallery No. 16 – Chapels & Hermitages in mountainous landscapes – on the other. Subsequently 2 short slideshows presenting some of the content in these 2 galleries. In particular Gallery 16 […]

Ski Mountaineering Winter 23/24

Despite bitter cold winterly adventures in the mountains regardless if taken by skies or snow-shoes offers this unique experience of at best winter wonderland conditions. Already done hikingtrips appear in an entirely different light once repeating this adventure in snow capped mountains. According to the actual conditions the physical effort may dramatically increase in case of extreme snow height, slippery […]

Hiking Trips Poster 2023

2023 is coming to it’s end. Time again to reflect all of those amazing mountainous trips I was privileged to make. This year incredible 75 awesome adventures in pure nature – more than ever before resulting in the most comprehensive collection of hiking trips within a period of only 12 months. Every single trip represents […]

Anniversary Hiking Trip No. 300

On 11th of Nov 2023 I was privileged to undertake my anniversary Hiking trip. Started as usual in the very early morning with headlights I experienced all imaginable weather conditions – rain, snowfall, mystic fog, rays of sunshine, rainbow colored scenery and in particular a stunning winter wonderland landscape. Bizarrely shaped cloud formations and mountains turned the landscape into a spectacle of light and shadow […]

Golden Autumn

Golden Autumn with its gorgeous colors is always a special period in the year for getting these amazing shots. Everything becomes this unique glowing golden look. This special illumination of the scenery let us dive into a very different world. Here are a few shots representing the extension of the already existing Gallery No. 10 Golden […]

4 new Galleries just released

Within the majestic lakes Portfolio 4 new Galleries have been published. In total this portfolio actually comprises 28 galleries of beautiful lakes – most of them in the alpine upland. With a total count of over 2300 landscape photographs the majestic lakes portfolio is the largest one up to now in Videografic’s webstore.

Dachstein Hiking Adventure

The Dachstein as the highest glacier in the Eastern Alps and therefore the highest mountain in Styria provides an awesome glacier experience. The ride up to the Dachstein glacier with the panoramic gondola gives you the feeling that you are about to discover something very special up here. A world of snow and ice in which time ticks a little differently. […]