Welcome to Gallery 4!

The Top of Germany Gallery comprises beautiful landscape photographs of the highest mountain in Germany. The Zugspitz Arena, 2962 above see level, is located close to Garmisch Partenkirchen at the borderline between Germany and Ausria.

It is a region of superlatives: 3 glaciers, 300 caves and abysses, awesome atmosphere, impressive natural environment, exciting viewing platforms, wide range of high summits, one of the most spectacular views in the alps. Best circumstances for getting amazing shots.

The gallery contains a huge variety of cool shots from several hiking trips to the Zugspitz summit. Further photographs of this imposing mountainous scenary will be added from already planned fixed rope tours to Germany's highest summit in the upcoming sesaon.

All of these photographs have something special in commom: breathtaking views, awesome nature, beautiful panoramic surroundings, strong emotional feelings ...

last update: 2017, may 15th