Welcome to Gallery 16!

Gallery No. 16 Chapels & Hermitages in mountainous landscapes is dealing with beautiful located small chapels, well known hermitages and countless memorials in the alpine upland.

Most of these shots have been taken on multitude hiking trips - in some cases as the main photographic object, sometimes along the path as a welcome add on. Many locations in this gallery have been visited several times to capture different weather & lighting conditions. All different seasons over the year are covered in this new gallery.

Some of the photographs have only been possible after several hours of mountain hike started already in the very early morning. The required large amount of time and physical effort - particulary because of multitude heavy photo / drone backpacks have been a good invest to get these really cool shots in these spectacular surroundings.

This new gallery will start with 500 beautiful shots - a huge extension of this gallery is already work in progress ... stay tuned.

Last Update: April 2024