Welcome to Gallery 14!

Gallery No. 14 Summit Crosses is dealing solely with summit crosses in the alpine upland. Not the only one but quite likely an important goal of all mountaineering activities is to reach the summit. In that way most of us hiking guys are summiteers – summit crosses framed by an awesome mountainous panorama are a kind of popular trophy to document the successful hiking trip. Most summits in this gallery have been climbed several times to capture different weather & lighting conditions. All different seasons over the year are covered in this new gallery.

This new gallery will start with 1200 beautiful landscape shots of approximately 200 summits – a huge extension of this gallery is already work in progress ... stay tuned. It is intended to have over 300 summits in this gallery by the end of 2023 – hence this gallery will most likely be one of the best places to get high quality shots of so many different summit crosses at one single place.

Most of the photographs have only been possible after several hours of mountain hike started already in the very early morning. The required large amount of time and physical effort - particulary because of multitude heavy photo / drone backpacks have been a good invest to get these really cool shots in these spectacular surroundings.

Hikingtrips have been in subsequent mentioned mountain ranges: Allgäuer Alps, Ammergauer Alps, Bavarian Prealps, Berchtesgadener Alps, Brandenberger Alps, Chiemgauer Alps, Ester Mountain Range, Kaiserwinkel Mountain Range, Karwendel, Mangfall Mountain Range, Mieminger Kette, Nordkette Innsbruck, Rofan Mountain Range, Salzkammergut ,Stubaier Alps, Wetterstein Mountain Range, Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range, Zahmer Kaiser Mountain Range, Zilllertaler Alps … to be expanded with further mountainous landscapes in the near future.

All summit crosses reached on these adventures are listed here for your reference.

All of these photographs have something special in common: high quality close-ups of unique summit crosses, breathtaking views, stunning locations, awesome nature, beautiful panoramic surroundings, strong emotional feelings ...

Last Update: April 2023