Welcome to Gallery 6!

The High Alpine Water Storage Reservoirs Portfolio comprises a huge number of well selected landscape photographs of water storage reservoirs in the high mountain range (most of them over 2000 metres above sea-level) - bundled in a multitude of stand alone galleries. The galleries of each water reservoir are initially populated with the first shots of those high alpine water dams in 2018, further photographs will be added in the course of time. The portfolio starts with the first 8 galleries - further galleries will follow shortly thereafter as well. All of these water reservoirs have something special in commom: breathtaking views, crystal clear water surfaces, beautiful panoramic surroundings, strong emotional feelings ...

Additionally a few of these galleries contain some drone shots to enable outstandig views of the water dams which would not have been possible from a normal perspective. In the photographs presentation mode drone shots are marked in the related caption. Drone shots are perfectly suited for prints up to DIN A2 size.

The excursions to the alpine water reservoirs are a fascinating journey into the high mountains. The dams, most of them are situated like fjords, are often embedded between the three thousand metre alpine peaks. The galleries are covering some of the tallest dam walls in Europe - all of them are spectacular technical achievements implemented amidst the Alps. The landscapes are closely linked with the rugged high mountains, glaciers and summits of the main ridges of the austrian Alps. The impressive mountain world offers a unique panorama. Visiting these high mountain reservoirs you can excellently experience the blend of nature and technology.

Most of the photographs have only been possible after several hours of mountain hike started already in the very early morning. The required large amount of time and physical effort - particulary because of multitude heavy photo / drone backpacks - have been a good invest to get these really cool shots.

last update: 2023, september 14th