Welcome to Gallery 11!

The Tegernsee Mountains Gallery comprises a huge number of well selected landscape photographs presenting the mountainous scenary in this beautiful valley. These high resolution photographs are overing all seasons of the year. The shots are taken from countless hiking tours. Main hiking trips have been to Wallberg, Riesserkogel, Halserspitze, Schinder, Buchstein, Roßkopf, Leohardstein and Hirschberg.

Most of the photographs have only been possible after several hours of mountain hike started already in the very early morning. The required large amount of time and physical effort - particulary because of multitude heavy photo / drone backpacks - have been a good invest to get these really cool shots.

The gallery is initially populated with the shots taken in the recent years between 2017-2020, additional photographs will be added from already planned next hiking trips to further mountain peaks in this location. Most likely drone shots will also be added. Arial photography enables outstandig views which would not have been possible from a normal perspective. In the photographs presentation mode drone shots are marked in the related caption. Drone shots are perfectly suited for prints up to DIN A2 size. All other photographs are perfect for prints up to DIN A1 size.

All of these photographs have something special in commom: breathtaking views, awesome nature, beautiful panoramic surroundings, strong emotional feelings ...

In case you are interested in further landscape photographs taken in the Tegernsee Mountains you may find them in the gallery lake Tegernsee.

last update: 2020, august 20th