Anniversary Hiking Trip No. 300

On 11th of Nov 2023 I was privileged to undertake my anniversary Hiking trip. Started as usual in the very early morning with headlights I experienced all imaginable weather conditions – rain, snowfall, mystic fog, rays of sunshine, rainbow colored scenery and in particular a stunning winter wonderland landscape. Bizarrely shaped cloud formations and mountains turned the landscape into a spectacle of light and shadow […]

Dachstein Hiking Adventure

The Dachstein as the highest glacier in the Eastern Alps and therefore the highest mountain in Styria provides an awesome glacier experience. The ride up to the Dachstein glacier with the panoramic gondola gives you the feeling that you are about to discover something very special up here. A world of snow and ice in which time ticks a little differently. […]

Mallorca 2023

Hiking season Mallorca 2023 is unfortunately already over once again – back again in the Tramuntana mountain range in 2024. Below some impressions of this years hiking trips. The already existing For Sale Gallery No. 7 will be updated in the next months with fresh new content from the last years. Both the classic collection […]

Anniversary Hiking Trip

Hiking adventure no. 250 since the start of Videografic’s mountaineering activities only 4 years ago. Location: dramatic clouds in the Kaiserwinkel Mountain Range – shot taken close to Wandberg summit

Haidachstellwand via ferrata

Adrenaline on the overhang, tired arms in the wall, on duel with the rock, the tension of the body, the concentration of the mind, the silence of the mountains only interrupted by the wind. And in particular: as a result of a mountaineering accident early this year finally for the first time again the ringing […]

Anniversary Hikingtrip – No. 200!

200th hiking trip since I started to document all mountainous adventures starting in 2019. Matching to this special event perfect weather conditions for getting amazing shots in this beautiful landscape location. Awesome far distance view just before reaching Geigelstein summit in the Chiemgauer Alps close to Sachrang. Deep Gratitude for being able to experience all […]

12 Hiking Trips in less than 4 weeks

Most recent mountainous adventures have been updated in the favorites shots section. Even though the knee after occurred ski mountaineering accident early 2022 is still not 100% OK, all of these exciting trips have been possible – admittedly not all of them are hiking trips too much difficult in terms of technical and conditional requirements. […]