Wallcalendar “Tegernseer Momente”

Calendrical journey with technical and compositional high quality landscape photographs of lake Tegernsee. Stunning nature, impressive alpine upland, beautiful mountainous panorama and above all a picturesque lake: captured in exceptional and personal photographic moments at lake Tegernsee.

Additional Informationen can be found in the showroom including cover sheet and reverse slide.

Format ISBN/EAN Price
DIN A4 Wall Calendar978-3-675-80208-7 21.99
DIN A3 Wall Calendar978-3-675-80205-6 31.99
DIN A2 Wall Calendar978-3-675-80200-1 54.99
DIN A2 Premium Wall Calendar978-3-675-67943-6 74.99

To get a first impression: these are the photographs used for the individual pages of each month. All monthly photographs are matching to the respective season of the year.

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