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Videografic offers you manifold opportunities to watch cinematic and photographic content. The face behind Videografic is Thomas Rosier. His passion is the landscape photography and to work hand in hand with a couple of video-, visualeffects-, motion graphics-, compositing and picture editing / retouching applications. Video as a result of motion pictures respectively motion graphics is a beautiful way to combine the best of all these challenging genres.

For the time being the website's content focuses primarily on presenting picture galleries in diversified modes complemented with a couple of selected video trailers of animated photo montages. Moreover the customer section is ready for start containing customer response galleries to facilitate the communication between the customer and Videografic following a photo shoot.
The first 4 for sale galleries are online in the new webstore with selected high resolution landscape photographs. A gallery teaser introduces the most impressive photographs of the first 3 galleries. Much more content will follow in the next months. Gallery No 5 - dealing with mountain lakes in the alpine upland - will be released in december 2017. The blog with photo and video releated stuff is now online. Further content is work in progress and will be released in the first quarter of 2018.

That's for now. Feel invited to look around of what's already published on Videografic pages. For a start find below an introducing slideshow populated with seasonal content.


Additionally to the already existent digital download option in the webstore, Videografic is now offering high quality prints with immediate effect. Further details can be found in the services overview.

last update: november 1st